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Practicing the Wesleyan means of grace though conference, scholarship, and studying

  • January 8, runs through February 2: online workshop, “Surviving the Caregiver Marathon with Grace”. Link to registration.

  • Abilities Expo, a free event, will be in several cities. Link to website.
    • January 19-21, 2018, Toronto
    • February 23-25, 2018, Los Angeles
    • May 4-6, 2018, New York
    • June 29-July 1, 2018, Chicago
    • August 3-5, 2018, Houston
    • September 21-23, 2018, Boston
    • October 26-28, 2018, San Mateo

  • March 1: Annual National Day of Mourning for disabled people killed by family members or others. Link to website.

  • The United Nations General Assembly has named March 21 World Down Syndrome Day. This date was chosen because Down syndrome occurs when there are three copies of the 21st chromosome.

  • The United Nations General Assembly has designated April 2 each year as World Autism Awareness Day.

  • April 15 is National ASL Day, remembering the first Deaf school opening in 1817. Link to website.

  • The 18th Annual Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion, and Disability Conference: Ohio State University, Columbus, April 17-18, 2018. Link to website.

  • Indiana Conference Mission & Justice Expo, with Disability Advocacy Team, April 21, 2018, Grace UMC, Franklin, 0900-1530. Link to website.

  • May 17, 2018: Global Accessibility Awareness Day is the third Thursday each May. Link to website.

  • Summer Institute on Theology and Disability: June 11-14, 2018, Raleigh NC. Link to website.

  • July 22-29, 2018: UMCD-UMDHM-ECD-ELDA joint meeting, LasVegas NV. Advance information.

  • The International Day of Persons with Disabilities is December 3.

  • The Accessibility Summit will not meet in 2018. Next conference is April 5-6, 2019. Link to website.

  • August 2-6, 2021
    Fifth Global Methodist Missions Conference, Rio de Janeiro (Teresopolis), Brazil.

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By reporting on issues of concern to people with disabilities, Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church, the United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministries, and the United Methodist Association of Ministers with Disabilities do not attempt to influence legislation, nor do they favor, oppose, endorse, participate in or otherwise intervene in political campaigns. All items of a political nature are reports only, and are open equally to all candidates. For information see IRS FS-2006-17.